Review: GOOLOO 1000A Peak 20800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

Today we are going to talk about Gooloo 1000A Peak 20800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter. It comes with many accessories along with the jump starter; the list includes 3-in-1 USB cable, user manual, and storage case. This product is gaining huge popularity in the market these days due to its advanced features and higher efficiency. Prefer to go through the review below to collect deep insights about this jump starter.

Features of Gooloo 1000A Peak 20800mAh :

  • Supports a wide range of vehicles:

Most of jump starter units in market offer dedicated services for a specific type of vehicles for which they are designed. But this powerful unit offers easy to jump-start support to wide range of vehicles that work with 6L diesel rating and 8L gas engines. The list includes boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, cargo vans, mower, light-duty trucks, tractor, RV, and motorcycles as well. It has peak current rating of 1000 Amps that can assist in easy jump start multiple times with single charge.


  • USB connections available:

It is really good to have a vehicle jump starter unit that can also charge your electronic devices during long hour journeys. GOOLOO 1000A Peak Car Jump Starter is equipped with a dual USB port that can easily charge other devices like Kindle, camera, GPS, tablets, and smartphones as well. It is definitely a valuable addition to a product that can make long hour journeys safer as a person can stay connected with his family members and friends even while traveling so far.


  • Intelligent protector:

How can we forget to talk about its advanced protection circuitry? Manufacturers at GOOLOO have added impressive protection circuitry to this jump starter kit that ensures complete protection from fire. It means users can ensure complete safety from the explosion and melt as well. This special feature makes it a better choice for vehicle owners in the list of many competitors.


  • LED Flashlights:

If you often travel in the night then this specially designed car jump starter kit is the best choice for you because it is loaded with ultra-bright LED flashlight, strobe light, and SOS. This light can help you during your adventure tours, during emergency hours, outdoors, during night hour traveling as well as in routine life. The bright flashlight can be easily tuned to its three different work modes. The bright flashlight can be used for darker hours; strobe light helps vehicle owners to attract attention if they need some help on the road whereas the SOS signal can work perfectly up to 120 hours with a full charge so that you can ensure complete safety outdoors.


  • Supreme Clamps:

It has durable, sturdy clamps that ensure complete safety during operation as users can handle them easily. Their jaws are well designed to make a safe connection instantly. They are ½ times bigger than the older jump starter model of GOOLOO.


  • Two different charging modes:

You can charge Gooloo 1000A Peak 20800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter with simple 12Volt DC lighter charger on your way, whereas the wall charging option helps to make its battery full when you are at home. This jump starter becomes best buy option with this dual charging feature.


  • Money Back Guarantee:

Here is the most interesting news for buyers. The company offers extended the warranty of 12 + 6 months on this product and it is accompanied by 30 days risk-free full money back guarantee. That means if you do not find it good for your routine needs then you can claim a full refund within first 30 days after your purchase. The friendly customer support service team is always ready to assist buyers with best purchase experiences.



  • You will love this product for its four in one functionality. It has an SOS lighting signal, LED Flashlight and works as portable battery charger along with the car jump start service.
  • Loaded with high-quality lithium-ion polymer battery cell that is convenient to use and ensure long life service.
  • This portable USB charger contains 20800mAh battery that is powerful enough to charge your electronic devices.
  • The Ultra bright LED flashlight serves with easy to adjust three-way
  • Loaded with supreme clamps that are easier to handle.
  • Can be charged with both DC and AC supplies.
  • 12V 10A output


  • It is not safe to use under high-temperature

The Verdict:

GOOLOO 1000A Car Jump Starter is loaded with all amazing features that can make your life much safer and trouble-free on road. This jump starter can be used for multiple vehicle types and can also ensure full charging in your electronic devices as well during long journeys. Professionals rate it high due to its intelligent protection circuitry that makes it easier to use. With all such quality features, GOOLOO 1000A  definitely becomes a must buy the product for all vehicle owners. Also, with the great offer of 30 days money back guarantee, it is really good to give it a risk-free trial.


Whether you have a new vehicle or driving your favorite old one; it is always important to make appropriate protection arrangements for the battery issues. Many people till now have faced such issues during their long journeys and then they have to search for a technician nearby who can assist in jump start. It causes too much wastage of time and if you are traveling with family then you may feel more worried about their safety on the road and want them to get home safely.

Professionals advise having your personal jump starter for such situations so that even if your vehicle stops working in the middle of a scary road, you can jump start it fast to make your family feel safe. The jump starters are the advanced portable battery devices that assist in quick jump start of vehicles but there are so many brands providing latest solutions to vehicle owners these days.