Jumpstarter Postlude

November, 2015

About 3 years ago we set out to create a platform for a technology we believed would change Internet, namely container hosting. We had realized that the true potential of Internet was reserved to the few that know how hosting works and how to write code. This is something we wanted to change.

Our platform made it possible for 12,219 people to create a web site with a click of a button. We are extremely proud of what we built. More importantly, we are thankful for the overwhelming response and feedback we got from you, our users and authors. This journey was made possible thanks to you.

The Jumpstarter journey ends here. Many assumptions have been tested, great features have been built and loved, but at the end of the day we did not succeed in finding a product market fit. We’ve explored every possible option before making the tough decision to close down Jumpstarter.

We look forward to seeing the progress the Open Container Initiative does in the field of container based hosting. Our disruptive technology has always been at the core of our company, and we were right in our prediction that Internet is changing in this direction. The container abstraction is quickly becoming de facto standard.

As of today, it’s no longer possible to create a new account on Jumpstarter. All active users have been notified individually with instructions on how to migrate their sites elsewhere. Your sites and data can still be accessed until November 20th.

Thank you for the attention. It’s been a privilege and we look forward to meet again.

Jumpstarter Team