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Find the perfect jump starter that works when you need it!

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Jump starter has one main purpose – to work when you need it. Stranded in the middle of the night, miles from the closest mechanic or even another car. You need something that won’t let you down and will work in all conditions when your battery got depleted or died entirely. Most batteries last for about two to five years. After that, your battery needs to be replaced. Failure to do so will lead to unwanted situations–you might not be able to start your car just when you need to leave badly.

Peak Amps

The higher the peak amps, the more power the jump starter battery can feed in a hurry to your low battery to boost it for starting.

Cranking Amps (CA)

Amount of power that a battery can discharge for 30 seconds at 32° F (0° C). It really is the amount of power you need to start your engine on any weather except winter.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

Number of amps that a battery can push out for 30 seconds at 0° F without dropping under 7.2 Volts.

Best jump starters

Be it for a truck, car, RV, motorbike or a boat, once in a while the battery just gives in and you need a reliable helper that gets you out of a potential trouble.